Top 5 EVs on our Wishlist

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9/22/2022 9:44 AM
1/17/2022 11:40 AM
The #1 Most Liked on the Ferry App is the Polestar 2
2022 Polestar 2

Looking back at the last few months, we’ve been delighted with the activity and live conversations on the Ferry App. You might be wondering which EVs are on the top of our users’ wishlists? Well, we’re glad you asked…

#5 BMW i4

Highly anticipated for 2022, this electric four-door coupe from the 4 Series family skimps zero on performance, with mind-boggling acceleration and handling. A sporty EV with an instant supply of torque, it’s also got an estimated range of up to 300 miles. As stylish as it is quick, the i4 comes with iDrive 8 and all the latest tech from the luxury automaker, including a digital instrument cluster and a sleek infotainment screen. So go ahead and step on the accelerator with this one. You’re in for a fun ride!

#4 Vespa Elettrica

A contemporary work of art with an electric heart that is not only revolutionizing two-wheeled mobility but bringing a vibrant new sense of energy to the road. With the Vespa Elettrica, you can navigate the urban streets in absolute silence, whether you choose Eco energy-saving mode or opt to push the engine by selecting Power.

The digital colour TFT dashboard provides all your riding parameters as well as useful trip statistics to help you get the best out of your riding style.

Vespa offers two versions of the Elettrica with its new silver-plated look, each able to be customised to reflect the rider’s style. For urbanites, there is the 45 km/hour option, available in six color variants, whilst riders who are looking for greater power can enjoy up to 70 km/hour and a choice of four colors.

#3 Ford Mustang Mach-E

A 4-door crossover SUV Mustang? There's a first time for everything! The Mach-E has a distinct identity, powered by strong performance, sharp design and excellent range. With two available battery sizes and either rear- or all-wheel drive, the Mach-E can provide up to 305 miles of driving range. How about power you say? Well, there’s a GT version and a GT performance version, each one expected to be 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds! Go get you some speed. (Wait, not that kind. You know what we mean!)

#2 Ford F150 Lightning

When America's best-selling truck finally goes electric, it's bound to be on the top of many folks' lists. Practical and efficient, the standard-range pack will have an EPA-estimated range of 230 miles, while the extended-range pack’s 300 miles will apply to Pro, XLT, and Lariat versions. And it will be one of the first EV’s in the US to offer vehicle-to-vehicle charging through a bi-directional capability built into the truck (so cool!). With an array of connected, intelligent features, it's built "Ford Tough"--and Ford Smart, too.

#1 Polestar 2 

Powerful performance, intuitive tech and design that is built to last make this luxury sedan easy to love. It comes in a single-motor version with plenty of zip and a dual-motor version that goes 0-60 mph in 4.45 seconds. It’s the first EV to use Google’s Android Automotive operating system - so you can conveniently “Hey Google” almost anything. Luxury meets high tech. Gotta love it.

Did your favorite make the list?  Get on the Ferry app and throw some ❤️ over to the EV of your dreams!

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