About us

FERRY is more than a company, it’s a feeling

Like that new car feeling, but different. Bigger.

This feeling compels us to prove that sustainability and enjoyability aren’t just compatible – but inextricably linked. That joy and ride belong together. And that car love can be real love.

It’s convinced us that we can make the world a better place and that change begins inside – ourselves, our company, our cars and our service. 

And it constantly reminds us that every day is an opportunity to move forward. 

Want to be driven by an overpowering, unrelentless need to create something better?

Join us.

meet our team

T. Kristian Russell

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Matthew Zammit

Chief Product Officer

Jon Weisblatt

Chief Operating Officer

Amila Omerika

Head of Customer Delight

Sebastian Einemann

Head Of Partnerships

Jon Prepeluh

Vp Of User Experience

Mayra Del Bello

Director Of Marketing

Tim Kawohl

Director Of Ux/ui

Alessia Piperno

Assistant To The Ceo

Toni Piëch

Lead Investor, Board Member

Jeff Johnson


Thomas Kottmann

Board Advisor, Banking

Daniel Zimmerman

Of Counsel

Dr. Michael Zoller

Of Counsel

Hogan Lovells

Fleet And Debt Advisory