About us

FERRY is more than a company, it’s a feeling

Like that new car feeling, but different. Bigger.

This feeling compels us to prove that sustainability and enjoyability aren’t just compatible – but inextricably linked. That joy and ride belong together. And that car love can be real love.

It’s convinced us that we can make the world a better place and that change begins inside – ourselves, our company, our cars and our service. 

And it constantly reminds us that every day is an opportunity to move forward. 

Want to be driven by an overpowering, unrelentless need to create something better?

Join us.

meet our team

Kristian Russell

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

“We are a mission-based company, seeking to fundamentally rethink the Automotive experience, with an app-first model that puts the power of ownership back in the hands of the driver. It’s also time to reverse the toll that traditional combustion driving has had on our planet over the last 50-plus years. We are founded on the idea that affordable electric mobility, and the joy of ownership, should exist for everyone — not just the 1%. At scale, we believe we can have an impact on every aspect of the driver experience: from click to car, and build a robust, connected, community of Ferry drivers.”

Matthew Zammit

Chief Product Officer

“Focusing on the customer’s experience, I’m passionate about building product strategies and bringing them to life, while constantly learning from research and feedback. Building a product that is App-first, data first, lifestyle choice first: Ferry will build a new community of car-conscious buyers thinking about their footprint and change the way that people think about the ease and flexibility of car ownership. It’s time for automotive to move into the digital age.”

Jon Weisblatt

Chief Operating Officer

“Spurred on by the specter of Climate Change, legacy OEM’s like VW, BMW, Mini, Ford, Fiat-Chrysler along with newer entries like Nio, Tesla, Rivian, Canoo are creating leading-edge tech, but they need more future-focused distribution channels, support in agnostic charging infrastructure, and a modern interface with their younger customers.”

John Possumato

Chief Fleet Officer

“Guided by four generations of family automotive history, my goal is to usher in the next evolution of automotive into the mobility industry. Not a piston, pushrod, or harmful particle in sight!"

Sebastian Einemann

Head Of Partnerships

“I love working with people. I believe change can only come through collaboration. And a good collaboration pushes the boundaries of both partners.”

Mayra Del Bello

Director Of Marketing

“We want to build one of the greatest love brands on the planet. Ferry is more than a mission, it’s a feeling. It is thrilling to be part of an organism that is not only transformative from a market innovation perspective but also can fundamentally change the world through sustainable drive.”

Jon Prepeluh

Vp Of User Experience

“Always be open to new ways. You'll be amazed what surprises life will bring you.”

Tri-an Huynh

Creative Director¨

"My aim is to inspire creativity and make new friends along the way.”

Tim Kawohl

Director Of Ux/ui

“Nothing is ever completely finished, 
there is always room for improvement.”

Kelly Dearborn, Lmhc

Head Of Community

“Every day is a new opportunity to help those around me feel empowered and connected to themselves and each other.”

Amila Omerika

Product Lead

“To choose a path, occupation and manner of life which are most suitable for our development, turns even a fairly common experience into something 
so great and beautiful.”

Alessia Piperno

Assistant To The Ceo

“Life is a beautiful journey. I have always dreamed big, keeping the vision of my dreams in my mind until the day I made them happen.”

Toni Piëch

Lead Investor, Board Member

“Sustainable drivetrain tech is the future. It’s time to rethink the old ways of car distribution, create new models of direct-to-consumer distribution and rethink Automotive for the next 50 years.”

Thomas Ofner

Coo, Amyp Ventures

“As a troubleshooter and problem solver, I strive to create value in everything I do. I enjoy working with driven, focused, and engaging teams.”

Thomas Kottmann

Board Advisor, Banking

Our Swiss-Army-Knife in the board of FERRY. Expert for Funding and Investor Relations.

Daniel Zimmerman

Of Counsel

Dr. Michael Zoller

Of Counsel

Hogan Lovells

Fleet And Debt Advisory