Where is Ferry available?

We will have wheels on the ground in Austin, TX this November and will expand to other parts of the US soon thereafter.

How does Ferry work?

Ferry is a mobile-first, short-term electric vehicle leasing company. Our optimized app allows people to browse, qualify for, reserve and go into contract on all-new EVs.

What is required to get a vehicle through Ferry?

Before beginning a lease, customers will need to provide us with their full legal name, current address, proof of a valid Driver's License and they'll need to undergo a credit check. They will also need a debit/credit card with a limit that meets or exceeds the cost of the car they want to lease.

What happens if I get in an accident?

Make sure all passengers are safe, file a police report, and consult your insurance coverage. It is important that you follow the instructions on your insurance card very closely, and do not admit fault.

What do I do if there’s a maintenance issue with my car?

All cars will be under manufacturer warranty. All cars will also have roadside assistance through the car's OEM. Please consult your owner's manual for the particulars on this service. 

What’s included in the monthly fee?

The subscription includes the car, the charger and 1000 miles a month, as well as vehicle tax, title and registration and access to roadside assistance.

How do I pick up or receive the vehicle?

Use the app to select a date and time frame for delivery and we will deliver it right to your door.

Where can I charge my vehicle?

All of our vehicles come with standard charging equipment from the manufacturer that makes it possible for you to charge at most non-proprietary (i.e. non-Tesla) charging stations. You can also charge at home with a regular outlet or, with the help of an electrician, you can install a wall-charger for a quicker charge. Home chargers from Ferry-curated providers will be available soon in-App!

Can I cancel my lease early or switch to a new vehicle?

If you need to terminate your lease early, one flat fee based on your monthly payment amount is applied, but no other fees. We are all for transparency and will never hit you with hidden fees.

What makes Ferry better than other leasing 
or subscription services?

We are the only leasing company that offers (all-new) EVs exclusively and at various price points, for lease periods of 6-24 months, all through our amazing app.

Are there mileage or geographic restrictions on where I can drive my Ferry vehicle? Can I upgrade my mileage if I need to?

A subscription includes 1000 miles a month and 500 mile “charge-ups” on mileage are available for $99 for those months you might go over (with a maximum of 2 “charge-ups” per month).

What are the incentives to EV-drivers in Austin?

Depending on your lease terms and vehicle choice, you may eligible for several financial incentives including:

- The State of Texas’ Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive Program which provides drivers with a rebate of up to $2,500.

- Austin Energy’s rebates for EV charging which includes special rates on plug-in locations and a 50% rebate for purchase and installation of level 2 (240V) charger (when installed by an approved electrician, for a maximum rebate of $1200 for wi-fi enabled and $900 for non wi-fi enabled location.)

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