Charging your Ferry is much easier than you think: Let us show you how

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5/26/2022 4:19 PM
5/26/2022 4:19 PM
Welcome to the EV World. We definitely know this transition is not easy and brings along a “new normal”.

Welcome to the EV World. We definitely know this transition is not easy and brings along a “new normal”. Reflecting back on our “first time;” we curated tips and best practices to help you master the electric charging world (and perhaps avoid some of our rookie mistakes.) 😄 

First of all, we prepared this link for you, which has the map of EV chargers in the Austin area: See the map here.

You can also check our Map section in the app, where you'll be able to see all the chargers around the world. Yes! Across the whole planet. 🌎

Besides that, did you know that Austin Energy offers a lot of benefits for EV owners? Here are some of them that might impress you, the same way they impressed us!

  1. Unlimited charging at over 1000 level 2 chargers in the area for just $4.17 per month. Sign up here.
  2. Rebate of 50% of the purchase and installation cost of a Level 2 charging station at home. Learn more.
  3. Fast Charging for $.21 per minute. See the map.

Note: Austin Energy’s Fast Chargers require a special adapter for Teslas that Ferry does not provide.

Now, a bonus because we definitely think you deserve it! 😉 

Austin Energy’s charging stations are powered by 100% renewable wind energy! No, you didn't read that wrong: even the charging stations were completely thought to be green and sustainable and we're proud to say that!

To wrap this up in the perfect way, we leave you with two amazing pro tips shared by Ferry's very own EV Expert:

  • Charge during off-peak hours. When charging at home, it’s best to charge between 10pm-6am because that is when the least amount of energy is being consumed by others and energy costs the least.

  • “80/20” rule. Charging your EV is much like a balancing act. It is widely recommended to charge the battery to 80 percent and avoid discharging it below 20 percent. This extends the longevity of the battery life. Of course, when traveling long distances, charging 100 percent is encouraged.

Perhaps you have a few tips of your own. We would love to hear from you and share with our growing community of EV enthusiasts.

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